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InterNetCon Web Acceleration technology

InterNetCon Web Acceleration technology is based on a deep understanding of all players (Telecom, Resellers and End Users) expectation and requirements. We create a powerful solution witch bring the performance of satellite internet services very close to optical fiber quality. At very basic our technology is based on real-time multiple parallel and synchronized optimization procedures.

- double customers on the same bandwidth and same time
- 150-1000% faster Browsing with an average of 320%

Satellite Kit - ONE WAY

It is necessary equipment for a ONE WAY satellite internet service.
It has the 60 cm dish + LNB + DVB card TechniSat Sky 2.
This equipments work on all standard DVB kind of services and offering access to all free to air satellite TV free channels.

Satellite Kit - TWO WAY Small ISP

TWO WAY kit offer all necessary equipment for a bidirectional satellite link.
Near this equipment it is required a router or a computer and after that, you are ready to enter into big family of “always on” people. Near this equipment you can chose from a big variety of services and if your requirements do not fit into our offer we can create services by demand.

The equipment it is DVB-RCS standard who means that can be used on other services as well.

DVB cards

If you already have satellite dish and LNB all you need to do it is to find DVB card. After than you will can access internet and see satellite free to air channels. We recommend you TechniSat Sky 2 as a reliable combination of price-performance-stability.

Satellite dish

Satellite dishes 60 cm, 120 cm, LNB, Cablu 75 Ohm (1 m)


Access points | LAN cards | 2,4 GHz antennas | Accesories | Cables | Conectors

Wireless equipments are today a proffesional alternative to the optic fiber, ground wired LANs or TV cable wired LANs from the data rate transfer or Internet access solutions point of view, on ranges up to 80 km.


MDaemon | Microsoft ISA server | Proxy Pro GateKeeper

We recomend stable, easy to install and setup, scalable server programs which fulfill your needs:

Web products

E-commerce solution | Discution forum | WebTraffic | Virtual room

A serious entrepreneur, who considers his presence on the web quite important, needs online management and marketing tools. We created for your success secure and stable products, from the e-commerce solutions and interactive communication tools, to site monitoring systems.

Leasing Leasing for TWO WAY Satellite KIT

Other services:


Satellite internet
Web design

Discussion forum
On forum you can talk about almost all problems with satellite internet, web design and web hosting.

You can ask a question, or see some problems that other users had regarding our Satellite Internet Services


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We cut-off the prices for unlimited services:
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