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Technical details for: ONE WAY | TWO WAY Small ISP | TWO WAY AFRICA

Technical details - ONE WAY ISP

Recommendation equipment

From technical point of view ONE WAY ISP it works identically on a cheap DVB card who cost 150 euro as on an expensive router with 15 000 euro.

We recommend to buy the equipment based on the stability or precision you require that your network to achieve. From the technical point of view we only need mac address of the DVB equipment to can route the IPís.

If you have a performance business it is of course recommended a DVB router for flexibility and stability.
This equipment costs between 500 up till 15 000 euro based on the trademark, options and settings.

Service works schedule

This service works as described in below drawing, of course, this is an explanation very briefly and simplified:

ONE WAY ISP Service works schedule

ONE WAY ISP Service works schedule

Client server it have 3 interfaces:

  • one for satellite
  • one for internal network
  • one for internet

The VPN with DVB platform from the Nederland it is done via the internet interface.

After VPN link it is completely established the default route it is changed and the VPN server from Nederland become default gateway. Any request initiated on an internal computer it will arrive on server and it will be forwarded to VPN server in Nederland and from there to the internet.

When the reply comes back it enters into DVB platform and it is unlinked to the satellite, packed and sends to the client. The server receives the reply and forward to the computer who make the original request.

In this way the ring of IP it is completely close.

Per example if someone wishes to ping a computer from the internal than the ping will have the following path:

  • ping request comes from the internet, enter into DVB platform, it is unlinked on satellite, it arrive on server and it arrive on the destination computer.
  • the computer send the reply to the server, the rely it is send via VPN link back into DVB platform and from there to the internet to the initiator. So in this way we can monitories and interfere at technical parameters extremely simple and efficient.

    Setting up the service:

    Setting up the service it is done as following steps:

    • client make a test account request to fulfill 2 reasons: for his own evaluation of our service and for proving us that it is capable to use this technology

    • Client send us the IP addresses witch are routed to us for can uplink to the satellite. The cusstomer it have the entire responsibility releated with the routing of this IPís
      A test for the corectly routed of the IP it is done.

    • The client provide the firewall and bandwith management settings he want to have it including his own IP (used for rerouting all others IPís)
      The strategy of the cusstomer it is implemented and tested
    All this steps are extremply fast done if the cusstomer work very tight with us.

    1. If the cusstomer intention that the dedicated bandwith to be used for his own one way service than the steps are almost the same with specification that before starting everything he need to discusss with us the services he would like to offer.

    2. If the cusstomer would like to own a service on a satellite not used by us right now, even that it is possible to work together because we can easily forward the service to the location of the uplink on different satellite. In this case our network are tranzitet and used for bandwith management acording with cusstomer policy.

    For the moment we do not provide dynamic routing but it is highly possible to implement this in the future. We kindly invite the interested persons to contact us for details.

    On-line documentation

  • Technical details for: ONE WAY | TWO WAY Small ISP | TWO WAY AFRICA
    Brief presentation | Technical details | Bandwidth test | On-line documentation
    Case study | Prices | Resellers | Equipment | Coverage



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